Data as a Service (Daas)

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Data (DaaS)

Oracle Data Cloud provides data from a wide variety of Oracle and third-party sources, which can be used by sales and marketing to produce better business outcomes.

DaaS is a response to the growing volume and variety of data generated in today’s digital world. Users consume data across a variety of systems and processes—data that can be used to make customer engagements more relevant and impactful. This data-driven insight helps you connect with customers across marketing and sales to virtually all areas of your business.

DaaS is a cost-efficient, agile service that lets you focus on selling your products, rather than sourcing, managing, and activating data. Oracle Data Cloud DaaS offerings—powered by Oracle ID Graph—bring together the largest array of data-driven solutions so marketers, sales professionals, and research/insight teams can integrate better customer data for a competitive advantage.