Oracle Database 12c: Plug into the cloud

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In today's fast-paced, technology-driven business envirnoment, organizations face an ever-growing volumn of enterprise data to manage and analyze. Companies around the world are adopting Oracle Database 12c, including key options such as Oracle Multitenant and Oracle Database In-Memory.


How Oracle Multitenant works?

Oracle Multititenant is helping customers to more easily consolidate and manage multiple databases as one, resulting in improved efficiency and simplified managemant with maximum availability.



  • Increase scalability and server utilization
  • Manage many databases as one
  • Meet services-level expectations with built workload resource management
  • Retain the isolation of separate databases without changing applications or access rights


How Oracle Database In-Memory works?

With Oracle Database In-Memory, a single database can now efficiently support mixed workloads, delivering optimal performance for transactions while simultaneously supporting real-time analytics and reporting. This is possible due to a unique "dual-format" architecture that enables data to be maintained in both the existing Oracle row format, for OLTP operations, and a new purely in-memory columnar format, optimized for the analytical processing. Oracle database In-Memory also enables DataMart's and data warehouses to provide more ad-hoc analytics, giving end-users the  ability to run multiple business-driven queries in the same time it previously took to run just one query.